2013 / 29 minutes / BMCC + vintage photo primes

Director: Nicolás Wong Díaz
Producer: Alexander Sorto
Screenplay: Nicolás Wong and Jérico Guerrero
Cinematography: Giuseppe Badalamenti
Production Design: Jimena Cerdas Cortés
Sound: Sergio Gutiérrez
Editing: Alexandra Latishev
Colorist: Leo Fallas

Natalia Amador Aguilar - Norma
César Alvarado - Josué
Said de la Cruz - Gerardo
Giuseppe Badalamenti - Vaquero

Norma's mother just died, leaving her alone and stranded in their small and isolated house in the mountains. Not knowing what do with her corpse, she ignores the situation childishly. When aneighbor finds out, she escapes and embarks on a journey following the tracks of her  unknown father. But does he really exist? Or is the journey all part of a psychotic delusion?

Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia 2013
Chicago Latino Film Festival 2014
Festival Internacional de Cine de Costa Rica 2013 - Co-Ganador Premio Mejor Cortometraje
Muestra de Cine Centroamericano Festival Internacional de Cine Lume 2013 Brasil
SHNIT Costa Rica 2013 - Premio al Mejor Cortometraje Local
Encuentro de Escuelas de Cine FICUNAM 2014